My Eyes Adored You By Samara Jones

An emotionally detached, anti-social recluse and a gorgeous, devoted woman: Can love grow even if one participant is unwilling?

Dante has a reputation for many things. One is breaking hearts, another is building walls. The man loves his peace and quiet.Unfortunately, his peaceful days are long gone. After, a bomb forced Dante to become the only guardian for his mute niece, Sabrina. For months, the traumatized child and Dante exist together in silence, until one day Sabrina’s unexplained attachment to me forces him to request my help. This man never allows people into his orbit, but somehow or other, I’m in. If I can chisel my way into Dante’s heart, I could have everything I’ve always wanted.

But the struggle for Dante’s heart is no simple task. Every time I break down a wall; he erects two new ones overnight. I have my pride; plus, my brother is arranging a marriage for me, so the clock is running out. I must infiltrate Dante’s heart before another man places a ring on my finger, creating a bloody mess.
How can the same man who frustrates me and makes me want to slap him so often also make me burn inside like an active volcano?

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