New mafia book available

Useless Love: The Dangerous Dance of Deception, Desire, and Deadly Alliances in a Dark Mafia

He is engaged to my sister … but he’s kissing me in places no one has ever dared.
The latest bloody mafia war has ended. An arrangement of marriage will ensure rival criminal organizations never face off again. However, when my identical twin sister convinces me to take her place and deceive her future groom, the whole truce might explode … with deadly consequences.
My … no, I mean her fiancée is drop-dead handsome and a notorious lady’s man. Try as I might, I can’t resist his charms, not when I saw him first. Behind the scenes, my sister is secretly planning to kill the man I’m falling in love with. I want a happy ending for all, but my sister is one hell of an adversary. One man, two sisters: One vows to kill him, while the other is falling in love.
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